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            MEXICO CITY – Mexican President Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador said Thursday that international companies invited to bid on the construction of a new oil refinery did not meet requirements for cost and time, so the government will take on the project.

            墨西哥城——周四,墨西哥总统Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador说,在新石油提炼厂的缔造上,受邀招标的世界企业在本钱和时刻上均不能满足要求,因而政府会接下这个项目。

            Energy Secretary Roco Nahle will run the project along with the state-owned oil company, Pemex, Lpez Obrador said. Construction of the $8 billion refinery in the port of Dos Bocas, Tabasco will begin June 2 and be completed in three years, he added.

            Lpez Obrador 说,动力部长Roco Nahle将会与国有石油公司Pemex一道对项目进行办理。他补偿说,这个耗资800万美元的石油精粹厂将在塔巴斯科州Dos Bocas港口树立,6月2日开端施工,三年内完结。

            Mexico had invited four companies to bid on the project. One decided not to make a bid and the other three said they could do it for $10 to $12 billion in four to six years.


            "We are not going to do any project that we can't finish during this six-year term," Lpez Obrador said, a refrain he has used for the administration's other fast-tracked major projects, including the Mayan Train and a n下载章鱼app-墨西哥政府要缔造大规模的新石油精粹厂ew airport for the capital.

            Lpez Obrador说,“6年期间,咱们完不成这个项目什么也做不成,”他要把时刻分一些时刻在政府的其他几个首要快进工程上,其间包含玛雅列车和首都新飞机场。

            Octavio Romero Oropeza, Pemex's chief, said that last year that Mexico consumed 1.2 million barrels of fuel pe下载章鱼app-墨西哥政府要缔造大规模的新石油精粹厂r day, while Mexico's production was only 360,000 barrels, leaving imports to make up the difference.

            Pemex石油公司负责人Octavio Romero Oropeza说,上一年墨西哥每天耗费120万桶(一桶120-159升)石油,墨西哥石油产值仅36万桶,这个距离要靠进口石油补偿。

            "We are going to produce in Mexico what we consume and we are to be self-sufficient in gasoline production," Lpez Obrador said.

            Lpez Obrador说,“咱们耗费的石油要在墨西哥出产,咱们要石油出产上自给自足。”

            The president said a new refinery is critical to Mexico regaining its energy independence.


            Mexico has not built a new refinery in 40 years, but the president said that certain parts of the project will still be put up for bidding by Mexican and foreign companies.


            Asked why he thought the government could build the refinery faster and at a lower cost tha下载章鱼app-墨西哥政府要缔造大规模的新石油精粹厂n international companies specialized in refinery construction, Lpez Obrador said companies always pad their costs.

            当被问到为何他以为政府能用比世界企业以更低的本钱用更快的时刻缔造石油精粹厂时,Lpez Obrador说,企业总是会虚报本钱。

            The refinery's construction will produce 100,000 jobs, he said.


            Critics say the refinery does not make financial sense and will only increase the financial instability of the deeply indebted Pemex.


            The Mexican Institute for Competitiveness, a public policy think tank, published a report last month recommending that the government cancel the project.


            "Construction of the Dos Bocas refinery is a project that almost certainly will destroy value for Pemex and Mexico," the report said. It noted that Mexico's oil production ha下载章鱼app-墨西哥政府要缔造大规模的新石油精粹厂s been on a downward slide during the past 18 years and if it continues the government would have to import oil to keep the new refinery running. It also said refining is the least lucrative piece of the value chain and the money would be better invested in exploration and production.

            陈述中说,“缔造Dos Bocas石油精粹厂一定会让Pemex公司和墨西哥价值降低的。”陈述还指眼药水出墨西哥石油出产在曩昔18年间已经在走下坡路了,假如持续出产,政府需求进口石油来保持新石油精粹厂的运转。精粹石油是价值链里最坏的挣钱项目,把钱出资在石油堪探和出产上会更好。

            On Thursday, Jorge Andrs Castaeda, the institute's project coordinator, explained that only 2% of the scenarios they had run through a financial model for the project had indicated it could be successful. Those analyzed the project from Pemex's perspective considering capital expenditures, time, refining margins and operating costs.

            周四,机协调人Jorge Andrs Castaeda解说说,他们经过金融形式对项目进行的猜测,有2%标明这将会是一个成功的项目,他们从Pemex的大局动身,剖析考虑了最大花销,时刻,精粹毛赢利以及运转本钱。

            The 2% of scenarios where it could be successful depended on proper execution.


            "Now that is even more unlikely," Castaeda said, noting that without the capabilities of an experienced project management company, the chances of proper execution go down.


            "No one has ever built a refinery of that size in three years," he said. He noted one project in India where construction took three years, but only after five years of planning. There hasn't been a major refinery built in North America since 1979, he said.


            Lpez Obrador said that Pemex posses下载章鱼app-墨西哥政府要缔造大规模的新石油精粹厂ses the necessary expertise. He also said there has already been a small increase in production at the company since he took office in December.

            Lpez Obrador说,Pemex具有必要的相关专家,他还说自他12月份执政以来,公司的石油出产值已经有了小小的提高。

            "We're going to move Pemex forward and we're already achieving it," he said.


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